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Goonhilly Boosts Deep Space Investment

 - July 18, 2018, 8:39 AM
A cash infusion has placed Goonhilly Earth Station in a lead spot of the UK’s space plans.

The iconic Goonhilly Earth Station, situated close to the south-west extremity of the UK, has set out a roadmap following an injection of £32.4 million ($40 million) which has saved the site from being mothballed.

"Goonhilly offers tracking and mission operations services for all launch operators," said a spokesperson. "And we will be providing mission operations and tracking services to Spaceport Cornwall...we will be an integral part of the Spaceport Cornwall, Cornwall Council and Virgin Orbit partnership."

An £8.4 million contract from the European Space Agency was enough to attract a further £24 million of private investment, said Goonhilly.

It intends to use the funding to establish the first private deep-space communication network to support commercial lunar and Mars missions from 2020; to invest in projects in the U.S. and Australia to support deep space projects, LEO constellations and other projects; and to open up an R&D and manufacturing facility to support the industry.