SE Asia Buyer Orders Two JB12 JetPacks

 - September 7, 2021, 12:18 PM
This is JetPack Aviation's turbojet-powered JB11, which resembles the classified JB12 version. (Photo: JetPack Aviation)

JetPack Aviation has booked the first order for its VTOL JB12 JetPack, which is powered by six turbojet engines, each producing 88 pounds of thrust. JetPack Aviation has been developing its manned JetPack VTOL devices for many years in Southern California. The undisclosed Southeast Asian customer is paying $800,000 for two JB12 JetPacks.

The JB12 weighs 105 pounds and is similar in appearance to the JB11, although the JB12 is a classified version. The six turbojet engines are mounted on a wearable frame, with three engines on each side. Directional control is provided by vectoring each engine’s thrust, via a thrust-management computer system that essentially provides fly-by-wire flight control. A JB12 pilot will be able to hover and maneuver in any direction and also fly up to 120 mph.

In addition to the JB12, the company is developing the Speeder “flying motorcycle.” Both the Speeder and JB12 could enable unique military and special mission capabilities, according to JetPack Aviation.

The first full-scale Speeder prototype, P1, has completed flight trials, and the next version P1.5, should fly later this year. Data from those flights will be used to optimize the design of P2, and this version should fly in the first half of 2022, in preparation for production versions. JetPack Aviation is now preparing letters of intent and taking preorders for the production version of the Speeder.

“Ratification of this deal demonstrates that the JB12 JetPack provides defense forces with exceptional aerial capabilities to fulfill a wide array of mission requirements,” said JetPack Aviation founder and CEO David Mayman. “The maneuverability of the JetPack, its small form factor, which fits inside a set of standard Pelican cases, and ease of integration with our Speeder platform to complement the JB12’s capabilities, were all factors that informed the sale. This order represents a significant step forward for us as it confirms that our development program is meeting military needs.”