EBACE Convention News

Foldable Alphachocks Series 2 Hold Largest Aircraft

 - May 31, 2018, 4:13 AM

Alphachocks manufacturer Satcom Corp. showcased its Series 2 foldable chock at EBACE 2018, and the company now offers chocks to fit any size aircraft. The Series 2 chock can each hold up to 350 tonnes (771,617 pounds) per wheel, with wheel diameter of up to 150 centimeters (59 inches).

The company’s first foldable chock is made of forged aluminum and features a simple self-locking design. When the Alphachock is placed against a wheel, the weight of the airplane automatically prevents the chock from unlocking. Removing the chock is easy, by pulling the center and unlocking the self-locking mechanism, even if the wheel is pressing tightly on the chock.

The Series 2 foldable chock for larger aircraft is made of laser-welded high-strength stainless steel and is only two inches thick when folded. To make the chock strong but thin, Satcom designed the flat sections with a hollow airfoil shape buttressed internally with ribs. Each Series 2 chock weights 7.8 kg (17 pounds).

Alphachocks are available in custom colors and can be inscribed with company logos. Buyers of the Pilatus PC-24 receive a set of Alphachocks in a carrying case as part of the standard equipment.