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Hot-Stop Adds New Vessel for Today's Larger Phones

 - October 21, 2019, 12:44 PM

Baker Aviation, distributor for Hot-Stop L fire-containment kits, announced a new 14-inch by 10-inch vessel this week at NBAA-BACE. “We realized many of our customers carry larger, more powerful waterproof phones with cases,” said Ray Goyco, CEO of Baker Aviation Services Group (Booth C11246). “We made the new bag larger and tested it to be fireproof with zero tolerance for toxic smoke and gasses associated with these fires. We ensure our product is fully capable of containing the latest waterproof phone technology without the need for water.”

The new vessel meets Code of Federal Regulations 14 CFR 1.1 criteria, as do all Hot-Stop L products. Hot-Stop’s newest product is lightweight, easy to store on board, and doesn’t need aqueous fluids, though it allows operators to use water if they so choose to follow SAFO guidance. All new phone vessels have an electromagnetic frequency shielding Faraday cage, which can be retrofitted to other Hot-Stop L products. Burn-certified 14-inch safety gloves can be purchased separately.

Hot-Stop L products are manufactured by Industrial Energy Products of Mount Joy, Pennsylvania.