VistaJet Offers Covid-19 Support, Short Aircraft Leases

 - March 26, 2020, 8:12 AM

This story is part of AIN's continuing coverage of the impact of the coronavirus on aviation.

VistaJet has come up with some new ways to keep business rolling against the massive disruption presently being meted out on the world by the Covid-19 pandemic, while also trying to make its aircraft available for those grappling with the impact on their organizations.

The company, which operates a fleet of Bombardier Globals and Challenger 350s, is providing “complimentary empty leg flights for governments, medical organizations, and health experts” in the light of the lack of airline services, and believes its global infrastructure can help move critical medical products in the light of cargo capacity being seriously curtailed.

VistaJet has set up a section on its website called “Supporting Communities” and said it has been working through the regulations over the past week to understand how much it can do to provide the transportation of key medical supplies, “which typically involves highly regulated and specific certifications.”

The company said it is “working directly with Governments and Consulates around the world, helping them to repatriate citizens by providing complimentary empty leg flights.” Additionally, it is assisting with the “complex logistics of the necessary permits and paperwork.”

Thomas Flohr, VistaJet’s founder and chairman, said: “Listening to expert advice, whether that be security, safety or medical, we are here to ensure that they are fully supported with their flying needs.

“This is an unusual time and one that we must all work together where possible to do whatever we can to help. We know we don’t normally offer repatriation flights or the transportation of medical equipment, but ultimately, we are a logistics company and we are here to help the global community as much as we can. We are in this fight together.”

To help reduce the spread of the virus, VistaJet said it is working with Control Risks and Osprey, for example, "for security and safety advice using both human and AI-driven intelligence, while MedAire provides leading medical support on the ground and in the air."

All VistaJet crews are checked for signs of the virus twice a day and each VistaJet aircraft is sanitized after every flight. Passengers who have recently traveled to high-risk locations have their temperature tested prior to boarding.

Flohr said: "As the events of the last few months show, 2020 is not set to be business as usual. I have no doubt that the strong increase recorded over the past 10 weeks includes fliers looking for safer and cleaner alternatives to commercial flying."

In addition, the company has introduced a new short-term lease of its aircraft, called Dynamic Jet Lease, which can last “one, two, or three months” and offer “a dedicated aircraft and crew positioned at the nearest possible airport to you.” The monthly lease offers flexibility and the ability for the aircraft to be brought in at short notice. VistaJettypically offers aircraft only on 36-month leases.