Russian Officials: Supersonic Bizjet To Be New Design

 - September 21, 2020, 12:04 PM

Russia will not use the concept of its Tu-160 bomber as the basis for its supersonic business jet, as it was initially proposed by Russian President Vladimir Putin, according to recent statements made by Anatoly Serduykov, head of the aviation cluster of the Russian Rostec corporation. Instead, the new aircraft will be a clean-sheet design.

“During the design of such an aircraft we plan to use the experience of Tupolev and the experience of other design schools—Sukhoi and MiG,” said Serduykov. “There is a research project being carried out by the Russian Central Aerodynamic Institute, which focuses on the design of a second-generation supersonic aircraft.”

Military aircraft have their own specifics, particularly in how they are used while in supersonic mode, he added. This requires a specific airframe design.

Serduykov’s views are shared by leading Russian aviation analysts who point out that placing a comfortable passenger compartment into a military aircraft design is highly problematic. In addition, analysts said, military aircraft do not fit into international civilian standards either in terms of noise levels or emissions.

Serduykov predicts the global demand for supersonic business jets may amount to about 400 aircraft worth $30 billion to $50 billion.