Metrojet Adds MedAire's Security Offering

 - May 10, 2021, 9:56 AM

Business aviation services provider Metrojet is expanding on offerings it receives from MedAire by signing on for its operational security solution. Hong Kong-based Metrojet already employs MedAire’s in-flight and ground medical assistance service.

With the addition of MedAire’s digitally delivered operational security service, Metrojet will receive in-depth, real-time travel security reporting that covers destinations, regions, airspace, and airports. MedAire’s aviation security team, comprising 2,300 personnel posted worldwide, is also available to Metrojet around the clock for advice and assistance services related to security risks, events, and threats.

“MedAire’s integrated security solution of information and analysis complements the travel health component they already provide to our crew and passengers," said Metrojet CEO Gary Dolski. Added MedAire CEO Bill Dolny, “The pandemic has changed the landscape we operate within, but security will continue to be a top priority for operators around the world.”