FAI Converts Global Express to Air Ambulance

 - September 21, 2021, 1:58 PM
FAI rent-a-jet's Global Express can transport up to three intensive care patients at a time. (Photo: FAI)

German special mission operator FAI rent-a-jet has configured one of its Bombardier Global Express twinjets as a dedicated air ambulance following higher market demand for ultra-long-range air ambulance missions, 10 of which it has undertaken in the past two months. Further, the company said it is focused on building up its air ambulance capabilities in long and ultra-long-range missions.

“Over the past year, we have experienced a significant increase in demand for long and ultra-long-range air ambulance business on sorties from Europe, Africa, and the Middle East,” said FAI air ambulance division head Volker Lemke. “Equally, we have seen increased demand in the short- and medium-range repatriation air ambulance business.”

With a range of 6,000 nm, FAI’s medevac-dedicated Global Express can transport up to three intensive care patients and medical teams from the U.S. West Coast to Europe, East Coast to the Middle East, or Europe to the Far East. Besides the Global Express, FAI’s fleet of 10 air ambulance twinjets includes the Challenger 604 and Learjet 60, all of which are based at the company’s headquarters at Albrecht Dürer International Airport in Nuremberg.