Chicago Jet Gets STC for Falcon 900B InSight Upgrade

 - September 27, 2021, 1:15 PM

Chicago Jet Group (CJG) has received FAA supplemental type certificate (STC) approval for Universal Avionics’s InSight flight deck upgrade on the Dassault Falcon 900B. The upgrade can be done in two phases to provide flexibility in budget and downtime coordination or both can be done in a single downtime event, according to CJG.

Phase One replaces the Honeywell NZ-2000 FMS by adding dual Universal UNS-1Fw flight management systems that provide LP/LPV approach capabilities, a CVR-120A cockpit voice recorder, and UniLink UL-801 communications management unit. This FANS over Iridium solution offers capabilities for FANS 1/A+ CPDLC, European ATN B1, and push-to-load, the latter of which is required by the FAA for domestic CPDLC, departure, and en route clearance.

In Phase Two, the legacy Honeywell EDZ-800 EFISs are replaced with four Universal InSight EFI-1040 displays, dual touchscreen EFIS control display units, dual alphanumeric keyboards, and Mid-Continent MD-302 standby attitude module, resulting in a weight savings of more than 250 pounds.

CJG’s STC options include upgraded dual- or triple-integrated PS Engineering PAC45L audio control panels system, Latitude Technologies Iridium-based SkyNode S200 Safety Voice satcom for the cockpit, and Aircraft Lighting International adjustable LED cockpit lighting.

“The InSight Display System elevates the Falcon 900B to a NextGen-class aircraft,” said Chicago Jet Group president Mike Mitera. “Owners and operators will see immediate results in safety of flight, increased aircraft value, and a lower operating cost thanks to the increased reliability of the Universal Avionics equipment over the original OEM cockpit design. Most importantly, this sustainable technology is available today.”

Early next year, Chicago Jet will add the engine instrumentation on a fifth display for the Falcon 900B. It also plans to get FAA approval in third-quarter 2022 for RNP-AR approach capability on the trijet.

CJG's first InSight Display System STC was for the Falcon 50. The company launched the Falcon 900 STC program in 2018.