Wyvern Awards Pro Safety Rating to Sun Air, Planet 9

 - October 26, 2021, 12:11 PM

Sun Air Jets and Planet 9 have been selected among the first Part 135 operators to receive Wyvern’s new Wingman Pro certification, the business aviation industry safety audit provider’s highest safety standard. Awarding of the certification to Camarillo, California-based Sun Air and Van Nuys-based Planet 9 follows the operators’ participation in Wyvern’s Flight Leader Program.

Wingman Pro validates an organization’s safety culture using advanced safety culture tools recognized by safety experts and regulatory agencies, according to Wyvern. It is a benchmark above the Wingman certification and is issued once an organization with that certification shows effectiveness in all areas of safety management systems, excellence in addressing human factors and organizational safety culture, and continuous conformity to international standards through an internal audit program.

“This achievement validates their commitment to attaining and maintaining an enduring safety culture that elevates their performance above other operators who are just beginning to embrace the value of formal safety risk management,” said Wyvern CEO Sonnie Bates.

Planet 9 co-founder Matt Walter said the Wingman Pro certification is the culmination of several years of hard work by his company. “Since the company’s inception, we’ve invested significant resources into hiring the best employees, building an elite leadership team, and implementing state-of-the-art safety management tools,” he said.

Added Sun Air director of safety James Evans: “Sun Air Jets is dedicated to positioning itself as a leader in this field to ensure our clients the exceptional experience they deserve.”