ForeFlight Releases Sentry Plus ADS-B Receiver

 - June 13, 2022, 4:55 PM
The Sentry Plus ADS-B In receiver is now equipped with an OLED display that shows the battery life, g-load, and carbon monoxide levels. (Photo: ForeFlight)

ForeFlight’s Sentry Plus ADS-B In receiver adds new features to the compact device such as a display screen, 18-hour battery life, high-performance flight data recorder with g-load, and automatic power on/off setting. Retailing for $799, the Sentry Plus was “developed in collaboration with and [is] manufactured by uAvionix,” according to ForeFlight.

The 1.3-inch OLED display on the Sentry Plus shows battery percentage, eliminating the need to look for the charge level in the ForeFlight app as on the first-generation Sentry. Like the earlier Sentry, the Plus includes the built-in carbon monoxide monitor, but it also adds a visual indicator for carbon dioxide levels on the display.

The g-load sensor added to the Sentry Plus’s attitude heading reference system provides more data for post-flight debriefing. Track logging is more accurate and can be used for to-the-minute Hobbs time logging when the Plus is connected to ship power.

In addition to dual-band ADS-B In TIS-B traffic and FIS-B weather, the Plus includes antennas optimized for European FLARM (traffic) reception. Users can add FLARM capability by purchasing a license via ForeFlight. Other Plus features include a WAAS GPS receiver and Wi-Fi client support, which can be set up using the OLED display.