Skytrac Transmits Real-time EMS Patient Data

 - June 22, 2022, 11:00 AM
Air ambulances equipped with Skytrac, such as this Leonardo AW169 owned by Italian EMS provider Alidaunia, can transmit patient data via satellite or cell in real-time and live-stream video to remote physicians. (Photo: Alidaunia)

Italian air ambulance provider Alidaunia has selected Skytrac Systems to provide satcom and cellular medical data transfer and telemedicine capability aboard its fleet of Leonardo AW139 and AW169 emergency medical services helicopters. With this new capability, Alidaunia’s air medical crew can stream patient vital signs and electrocardiogram reports in real-time from onboard medical devices and live-stream video via Google Glasses to remote physicians.  

This medical data transmission feature builds on Skytrac’s ISAT-200A-07 real-time health usage and monitoring system (HUMS), which Alidaunia began flying in 2019. Subsequently, Alidaunia became an official distributor and installer of Skytrac’s satcom hardware in Leonardo aircraft. Skytrac’s HUMS system works in concert with its DAL-200 dynamic airlink, which uses cellular connectivity to transmit patient data. When cell service is not available, DAL-200 uses ISAT-200A-07 to encrypt and transmit medical data via satellite. 

“Remote physicians and receiving hospitals will no longer have to rely on voice communication to gather an understanding of the patient’s in-flight condition,” said Jan van der Heul, Skytrac's v-p of sales and marketing. “Transmitting medical data and live-streaming video marks a significant technological advancement that allows for fast, informed decision-making that ultimately improves patient care.”