Airbus Launches HCare Classics Support for Legacy Helos

 - September 7, 2022, 12:09 PM
HeliDax has enrolled its entire fleet of 36 Airbus H120s—the world's largest fleet of the type—in Airbus's new product support program. (Photo: HeliDax)

Airbus Helicopters has contracted with operator HeliDax to support its fleet of 36 H120 light singles via the OEM’s new HCare Classics by-the-hour product support program for out-of-production helicopters. HCare Classics can be tailored to customer-specific needs, including obsolescence monitoring and management, spare parts support, and maintenance planning.

Airbus shut down H120 production in 2017 after approximately 700 were built. Today there are more than 2,000 legacy Airbus helicopters in service with approximately 750 operators worldwide. Besides the H120, this list also includes the Dauphin, Puma, and Gazelle and account for 15 percent of the flight hours generated by the Airbus Helicopters fleet.

HeliDax is based within the French Army Aviation’s school in Dax, France, and is a subsidiary of DCI Group. Since 2008, HeliDax has used the helicopter to provide basic and advanced training to the French and Belgian armed forces and the French Gendarmerie and has maintained an H120 availability level of 100 percent, accumulating 246,000 hours of flight time and as many as 22,000 flight hours per year.